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SemiPower electronic technology (jiangsu) co., LTD., founded in 2013, is a professional in the field of power electronics for power semiconductor module manufacturers, current transmission electron radiation to all parts of the country, sales network has been for many enterprises to provide power semiconductor module custom, production and processing, at the same time also many companies provide incoming OEM OEM or business. Factory is located in kunshan city, jiangsu province. Kunshan is located in between Shanghai and suzhou city; North to the nor......
Let the life more safety, convenience and environmental protection Transmission electron is dedicated to helping solve technical, economic and social challenges facing the world today. Our technology to consume less, gain more, help to create more convenience, safety and environmental protection in the future life. Transmission electron of microelectronics technology and solutions to take you to a better future. We make life more convenient The application of intelligent technology, such as speech recognition, gesture, 3 d applications (such a......
Real connection with the digital world Our vision describes our hope of the future and the ultimate goal, move forward, it guide and inspire us. As the digital transformation and everything connected (iot 4.0, depth, machine learning, artificial intelligence, industry and intuition, etc.) to become a reality, the real world and virtual world interact with each other, than ever before. Semiconductors are the foundation of scientific and technological innovation: it can connect reality and the digital world. Sensor converts electrical pulses into ......
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Customer satisfaction and the approval are our throughout pursues

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Customer satisfaction and the approval are our throughout pursues